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What are Pornograms? – Welcome to the world of Pornographic Holograms and Holo-Cam Girls

If you think VR Porn is amazing, and let’s face it, it is, you’re going to love Pornograms.

So what exactly are Pornograms?

If you haven’t heard of them before now, and that’s very understandable due to how new this technology is, a pornogram is quite simply a pornographic hologram.

Sometimes referred to as holo porn, this is where you can watch a woman and/or man in holographic form either by wearing a special augmented reality/mixed reality headset, or by watching a hologram that’s being projected in front of you.

As this is quite hard to explain in words to someone who’s never seen it before, these videos should make things much clearer. The above video shows a demonstration of CamSoda’s new Holo-Cam technology, which allows 3D camgirl pornograms to be projected into your room using either a smartphone or tablet in combination with a low cost holo pyramid, or ‘holomid’.

When the service is fully up and running, which is expected to happen very soon, users will be able to interact in real-time with live CamSoda cam models, basically taking the pleasure of camgirl sites to the next level.

So that’s how you view a pornogram using the projection method, now let’s look at how a very similar effect is achieved using a holographic headset.

This second video shows a holographic Rihanna performing on stage, as she would appear through the Microsoft Hololens mixed reality HMD. In addition to this being possible with the HoloLens, it’s expected you’ll also be able to enjoy this tech using some of the upcoming Windows 10 VR/AR holographic headsets such as Lenovo’s new device.

Obviously these demonstration videos don’t show pornographic material or naked women, but they should at least help you understand what we’re talking about and how pornograms will work.

Although both the projected and headset viewed holograms look very impressive, one advantage we see with the HoloLens is the performer appears full size, where as CamSoda’s projections for now look much smaller.

Anyway, hopefully that’s given you an insight into what pornograms and holograms in general are about. It’ll be interesting to see how porn movie studios and camgirl sites choose to make use of this exciting new technology over the coming months and years.

One things for sure though, with its ability to make you feel like there are sexy performers getting naked in your very own room, pornograms are destined to become hugely popular, just as we’re seeing now with VR porn.