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My Girlfriend Plays ‘Strip or Dare’ Game with Me & My Male Friends – Erotic Story

Following on from the night when my girlfriend went topless in front of my male friends, a month later me,
Simon, Zack, and Tim went back to my apartment again to continue drinking after a night out.

The four of us hadn’t discussed what happened last time during this night out, but it was obvious that the three of them were keen to come back to mine again, in hope of my now 20-year-old girlfriend Becky being there. But unlike the previous two occasions when I brought my mates home, this time Becky wasn’t in the bedroom to start with.

This time when we walked in Becky was already in the living room, stood up wearing a short skirt and a very lowcut, loose blouse. She says to us “Hi boys, it’s great to see you again”, a greeting to which the guys reply with “It’s great to see you too Becky”.

As she hands us all a beer, Becky then asks us to sit down, informing us that there’ll be no video games tonight and that she has much more fun games to play. This comment gets all of us excited and wondering what she has planned, especially after she got naked last time.

We’re then told that, if we agree, we’ll be playing a game of ‘Strip or Dare’ where we take turns being given the choice of doing a dare or taking off one item of clothing. The dare cannot be to take anything off. If someone refuses to do the dare or take something off, or have a dare done to them, there’s no pressure, but they’ll be out of the game and have to either go home or wait in another room until the game is over. We all agree and sit down facing each other.

With Becky being the only girl in the game, the guys realize they need to be careful to not give her a dare that she refuses because once she’s out there’s no fun in a bunch of straight men playing strip or dare. During the first couple of rounds, everyone chooses strip as it’s much easier than doing a dare. This leaves the men wearing just underpants and jeans, while Becky is now down to just her bra and thong panties.

Then it gets interesting as Zack dares Becky, my girlfriend, to make out with Simon for 1 minute, or take something else off. By this point I’m enjoying things so much, I’m happy to let Becky do whatever she wants. But after seeing her choose to get naked for no reason last time, I assumed she’d just take off her bra. But instead, she sits on Simon’s lap and makes out with him, leaving me strangely turned on.

As the round continues, all of us guys choose to take off our jeans, before the next round begins with Tim daring Becky to either rub Zack’s dick through his underpants for one minute or take something off. I guess the guys wanted to get in some risky dares while Becky had the backup option of stripping. She thinks about it for a few seconds but decides to take off her bra, once again leaving my girlfriend topless in front of my friends, something all of us guys love the sight of.

Later in that round, each of us guys get dared to do something like touch another guy’s dicks or kiss, unsurprisingly leading to us all choosing stip and leaving all the guys totally naked. This creates a situation where all the guys can only face dares, and Becky is the only one wearing anything and the only one will never have to challenge her sexuality to do a dare.

Again Becky faces the first dare of the next round, with Simon willing to go big on his dare, knowing that Becky still has the option of taking her panties off instead. He tells Becky to jerk off Tim for 1 minute or strip. Of course, she always has the option of refusing both and leaving the game. I’m convinced she’ll take off her panties as she stands up. But to my amazement, she moves over to Tim and takes hold of his hard dick. Becky states that if anyone cums, they’re instantly out of the game, before proceeding to jerk off my friend right in front of me. Again I begin feeling so turned on. Tim clearly loves every second of it but lasts the minute without cumming.

Next go I dare Tim to do the same to Simon to try to eliminate Tim, which works perfectly as he refuses and goes home very disappointed, but having had a good look at my sexy naked girlfriend. Then Zack generously dares me to simply jerk myself off in front of my girlfriend for 1 minute. I’d never masturbated in front of Becky before, but I was certainly willing to do it to stay in the game, and I loved it.

Then in the last go of that round, Becky could eliminate Zack by daring him to do something to me or Simon, but it appears she wants to keep him in a little longer as she incredibly dares him to rub his hard dick against her tits for one minute. Both of them really enjoy this and, despite not ejaculating, Zack leaves a lot of precum over Becky’s chest.

Next it’s back to Becky’s go as Simon dares her to suck Zack’s dick for a minute or strip. She chooses to finally take off her panties, leaving my girlfriend totally naked in front of me and two of my male friends, Zack and Simon. Zack then dares Simon to suck Becky’s toes, as each of us also has the option to refuse a dare being done to us and to leave the game. Of course, none of us want Becky to quit now. Although it may not be one of the dares Simon was hoping for, he’s more than happy to suck Becky’s toes to avoid elimination.

The new round then begins with it my turn to dare my naked girlfriend. I can’t dare her to do something to me, and I have a huge urge to shock her, knowing she may well refuse and quit the game. I’m thinking she’s already gone much further than she originally intended so I try to make her decision for her. I dare Becky to jerk off both Simon and Zack at the same time for 1 minute while letting them feel her tits. After waiting about a minute I wonder why she’s taking so long to quit, when she suddenly gets up and says “I want to win this game”.

Then I watch on as my naked girlfriend sits between two of my male friends, takes a cock in each hand, then begins jerking them off as they run their hands all over her naked breasts. After what must have been way more than a minute, Zack shouts out “Time’s up Becky”, clearly because he was close to cumming. Meanwhile, it looked like Simon would have been happy to get eliminated by ejaculating right there.

Next go Zack does eliminate Simon by daring him to suck me off, let’s just say he didn’t waste any time quitting. And then there were three, and I get to dare Zack. How should I play this? For some reason I want to keep Zack in the game, otherwise, there’s no shock factor in a boyfriend and girlfriend alone doing stuff to each other. I’m also determined to get Becky to quit so I up the already high stakes. I dare Zack to finger Becky for 1 minute.

Of course, Zack agrees, but what really surprises me is that Becky doesn’t quit, instead opening her legs and telling Zack to “Go for it”, which he does, fingering my naked girlfriend as I watch on. But as surprising as that sight is to me, it’s in the next go that things really take a twist.

Becky could dare me to do anything to her, but instead dares me to jerk off Zack, which I of course refuse, meaning I’m eliminated. As I get up to leave, wondering what will happen next, Becky says “You’re out of the game babe, but I want you to stay and watch the rest of the game”. I agree.

Zack now has to dare Becky. Does he give her an extreme challenge that she has to refuse, meaning he wins? Or does he give easier enjoyable challenges he thinks she might do to him? Eventually, he dares Becky to give him a blowjob for 1 minute. Becky again accepts, giving him a slow sensual blowjob, not even taking her chance to make him lose by cumming. But next came the moment I will never forget.

In this go, my girlfriend Becky dares Zack to “Fuck” her for 20 minutes! Zack looks over to me but Becky says “You can’t ask him. He’s out of the game”. So Zack thinks for a while, then says “I accept your dare”. Becky lays herself down on the floor in front of me with her legs wide open, Zack kneels down between her legs, she guides his hard dick inside her now wet pussy, and they begin having full sex in front of me.

As Zack fucks my girlfriend inches away from me, Becky looks at me almost the entire time, clearly loving this incredible situation she was in. After about 10 minutes Zack declares that he’s about to cum and pulls out, then Becky sits up, grabs his dick, and takes all of his cum in her mouth.

With the game now officially won by Becky, she orders me to fuck her until I pull out and cum in her mouth too, then Zack fucks her again. This continued with us taking turns until me, Zack, and Becky had all cum multiple times. Zack then went home happy, but still looking rather shocked, before I and Becky went to bed very tired, but in agreement that we’d both had an incredible night!